How To Apply Wood Skins

One of our top selling materials is our reclaimed wood skins. It’s great to use in any space whether you want to add more character to your home or even your office. The most common way most utilize this material is by applying it to the walls of a space. As complex as it may sound, it’s probably one of the easiest DIY projects you can take on. Often times, clients will purchase the reclaimed materials from us and then install these skins themselves. We asked one of our clients to share their experience of applying our wood skins to their space.

No plane or stain needed! Natural and unsanded gives you a perfect look and texture. I picked the wood up on Friday afternoon at 3:30 – started working at 5:30 and 4 hours later the wall was done. We used a chop saw, a skill saw and a nail gun with an air compressor. The materials from Evolutia were awesome – I ordered a blend of oak and pine! I estimated the square footage and added 20% for potential waste and had plenty of materials to complete the job. I wear a suit for a day job, this was not a hard project and did not take the skill you might think is required. – Michael Gregory

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